UK universities are at the cutting edge of some of the most exciting emerging technologies that are shaping our world. At Sussex Innovation, we're committed to collaboration between the worlds of businesses and academia, helping to create greater impact from these new discoveries. In partnership with the EU and British Government, we can help your SME access grant funding to commercialise university research and innovations.

Research and development


SME Academic Grant

Get 40/60 match funding to cover the direct costs of commercialising intellectual property arising from university research:

  • Commercial and technical evaluation of IP
  • Academic consultancy to support the development of IP

Available to SMEs nationwide. To qualify, your business must have no more than 250 employees, a balance sheet not exceeding €43m, and turnover not exceeding €50m. Grants of up to £9,999 (ex VAT) are available against projects with an overall spend of up to £24,999. You will need to provide evidence of three quotes for the work undertaken.


Fill out a simple form to get your application process started. Our team will call you to discuss your project, support you with the paperwork, and arrange payment of your grant.


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