What can we do for your business?

Choose from six packages of strategic support designed to help you survive and thrive

Leading your team out of lockdown

Uncover what kind of leader you are and how to play to your strengths.  In this insider briefing workshop, you’ll work with our team to discuss different management styles and how to use your natural personality, values and communication style to lead your team in a way that improves morale, productivity and growth.  Build a Leadership Canvas to plan the activities you will undertake to communicate with your team and boost morale. 


A 1-2-1 coaching session to: 

  • Uncover your natural leadership style  
  • Feel more confident in your core leadership abilities (and decide what leadership activities to delegate or outsource) 
  • Tipsideas and technology that will help you improve team moral and productivity 
  • Access to our Leadership Canvas to plan the activities you will undertake to turn your insights into action  

Time: 6 hours 

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Market research: what now for your sector?

The world has changed – and there are opportunities as well as pitfalls. What technological, behavioural and commercial trends are emerging. How is your industry responding to Covid-19, what is the financial picture, what are your competitors working on, have customers needs changed and what does it all mean for you? 

Our researchers will create this bespoke briefing to stimulate your thinking about what changes you may need to make to your financial and operational model to give you a competitive advantage in 2020/2021.     


  • A briefing meeting with our Head of Research
  • A team of researchers to write a bespoke review of your sector
  • Access to our trends canvas and a coaching session to turn your insights into action

Time: 12 hours

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We wouldn't have considered a research-led approach, or had the resources to pull it off, without the team's help. It got us a foot in the door, helped us to reach a range of potential clients, and ultimately grow our business.

Alistair Crombie One Research

Alistair Crombie

Stress-testing your business model

If you’re feeling that you need to kick the tires on your model, then this is the session for you. Interrogate the key building blocks of your business with a Business Model Canvas workshop: does your customer have the same needs and problems, are there new opportunities you can integrate, or do your supply chain or resourcing model need a radical rethink?


  • A briefing meeting with our Commercial Adviser
  • A 1-2-1 Business Model Canvas workshop to devise a commercial model that meets the demands of 2020/21
  • Access to our Business Model Canvas materials

Time: 6 hours

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Financial planning when cashflow is king

You can rely on our financial team’s experience with helping high-growth companies navigate risk and manage their runway. In this workshop our lead accountants will help you shape up your financial plans and introduce 5 strategies to stay ahead of your cash flow. Model best and worst case scenarios, get advice on R&D tax credits and identify ways to maximise your financial position for the year ahead.


  • A briefing meeting with our Finance Manager
  • A review of your existing cash flow and revenue model 
  • Strategies and ideas to manage your cash flow position
  • Advice on R&D tax credits  

Time: 6 hours 

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It's like having a team of non-exec directors on your board - to me that's what it was. When you come to Sussex Innovation, they do everything that those non-exec directors are supposed to do.

Mark Bailey Sciensus

Mark Bailey

Reboot your sales and marketing

With budgets stretched and audiences tuning out, how can you ensure that your brand still reaches and engages your customer? This workshop, built around our Sales & Marketing Model Canvas delivers a two-page plan for your business encompassing all the ways you can reach your customers. It's a fast and agile session, designed to get your team focussed on the activities that will make the biggest difference.


  • A briefing meeting with our Sales & Marketing Adviser  
  • A 1-2-1 Facilitated Sales and Marketing Model Canvas workshop to deliver an actionable plan 
  • Access to our Sales and Marketing Model Canvas template 

Time: 6 hours 

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Media training for a noisy world

Space is at a premium in today's media landscape, so only clear messages and compelling stories have a chance of cutting through. Work with our PR and communications specialists to hone your personal and organisational brand into a concise narrative, then develop a simple action plan for finding and engaging with the press best suited to tell your story.


  • A briefing meeting with our PR & Communications Adviser 
  • Brand storytelling workshop 
  • Brand Storytelling Canvas template 
  • Media training session 

Time: 6 hours 

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They exceeded my expectations - Simon was patient, collaborative, respectful, and expertly guided me through a great marketing campaign process. His creative energy was delightfully infectious, and I left the session feeling excited and empowered.

Antoinette Daniel Just Helpers

Antoinette Just Helpers